Visionary Leadership in a Toxic Culture

“Here’s the REAL DEAL: our world needs more men who take care of the sensibility that houses the possibility


~ Dr. Krystal White, inspired by Mary Oliver

Would you want to effectively navigate the climate of your organization/team as effectively as you utilize a weather forecast?

Ever wish you knew what the key people around you REALLY think about your leadership and interpersonal skills?

Are you secretly tolerating mediocrity in a KEY area?

Do you need to communicate in a way that compels others to be more tuned in and invested?

Do you want simple tools that inspire people around you think, feel and do better?

If you’re like us, you’ll answer yes to many of these prompts. Successful, emotionally intelligent men answer “yes” to 3 or more of these questions. They want to be part of the top 10% of men who want to perform well AND ALSO be a good guy.

We don’t need therapy.
We don’t need more of the same old, didactic power point based guidance.
We need a real deal.
We need a catalyst to transition from operational frustration to spiritual freedom.

you will be more good, giving and game after you finish our program. Those around you will notice these results.

Get the guidance that’s rarely accessible to male executives.


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We are looking for men that want more responsibility.

They want to lead others to consciously respond to the demands of uncertain and stressful working conditions.  We are seeking men who aim to make their businesses more noble, more collaborative and more warrior-like. Our world needs more men who are willing to learn how to be good, giving AND game in how they show up in real life.

Mindful Men Program designed for mindful male executives who are READY to be the REAL DEAL for the good of those around them and want to influence others to be the same.

Most trainings don’t shape our real-world behaviors to meet our stated ideals. Most relationships, partnerships, and programs  don’t have clear standards. If you’re the kind of guy we’re looking for—you want to know where you are, and freely define where you’re going.


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In this COMPREHENSIVE training program, you will receive

  • INSTANT access to a 3step formula to mindfully improve those around you (as soon as you complete registration!)
  • THE REAL DEAL: A wholistic, truthful, no BS 360% leadership assessment. The Real Deal involves over 6 high-impact hours of self evaluation, peer/supervisor/subordinate analysis and an integrative report. Participants will use this to develop a leadership philosophy development, aligned with his vision and The Real Deal feedback.
  • A SEAT at the transformational Mindful Men Workshop: A 2-day, powerhouse event with over 18-hours of experiential, dynamic,  participant driven training.  The outcomes are tailored to address the collective and key gaps identified in The REAL DEAL assessment.   We will train your brain and your body to perform in higher-functioning states.

We know you’re thinking of someone else that NEEDS this program RIGHT now. We need you to spread the news that we’re looking for someone just like him.


LOCATION: Washington DC, Downtown

  • THE LOOP BACK: 3 months of virtual training following the workshop. You’ll get over 10 hours of ongoing strategy, practice, feedback and support based on your needs.
  • CHECK IN : A pre-sale version of Krystal’s new book, and a certificate validating you as a graduate of our program.

    Once we sell out of the dozen seats, there will be NO MORE AVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

    Dr. Krystal White

    Dr. Krystal White is a leadership psychologist who bridges the gap between reality and goals, reactions and responses, freedom and security. She is a consultant for high-performing teams, a transition & development expert, a motivational speaker, and an author.

    Jonathan Mills

    Jonathan Mills, founder of Corporate Culture Specialist, is an expert in the crafting of values-driven culture. He leverages quality assessments, collaborative design and lead indicators to plan agile pathways toward an ideal future culture, giving way to measurable change and long-term success.


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