Dr. Krystal White

“I love my work, which is to open hearts, free spirits and expand mindsets. Choice is always available. Change is always possible. I aspire to connect that way, move that way and think that way. But if I could only get one thing right in my life, I pray to love that way.”

The Mission

My passion is guiding people to their “next level” and fully enjoying their growth. I naturally seek this work, it naturally fuels me, and it reminds me that I am alive. My purpose is to equip leaders to be ready to lead. That means they consciously use their thoughts and beliefs, feelings and intuition, plans and sponatenous actions to influence others. These are leaders who value powerful partnerships, and progressive, tranformational ways of interacting. These are leaders who demand high standards of performing that fuels the spirit as well as the goal.

Leaders who work with me catalyze change, so that their individual, family, team or organizational culture can be:

Energized, Engaged, Empowered.

I work with leaders that are ready to

  • truly identify and effectively respond to their blindspots (or those of their team)
  • restore trust, balance, and synergy in their key personal or professional relationships, or
  • successfully transition themselves or their organization into a new venture, era or culture

The Work

My work involves

  • Provoking salient insight in order to stimulate plasticity and mental agility
  • Giving effective feedback in order to target specific behavioral gains
  • Utilizing experential learning in order to enrich emotional intelligence

Shamans serve to enlighten and equip their communities towards the highest good. They operate at multiple levels in order to harmonize the work of spirit, heart, mind, and body. They often create a shift of consciousness and/or energy that allows for heightened awareness, deepened purpose, and more fulfilling relationships.

I deeply collaborate with you to feel better, think better and act better as the leader YOU were meant to be.  By applying multidisciplinary techniques that span brain psychology, organizational effectiveness, and military strategy, my services create the necessary conditions required for real, powerful and healing growth.

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Dr. Krystal White

Krystal White, Ph.D. is a leadership psychologist with more than 15 years as a change management strategist, leadership development expert, motivational speaker, and executive consultant for individuals and corporations. She recently published her first book, The Letter Code.  For over a decade, she partnered with military medical executives, most recently serving as the Chief of the Workforce Engagement Office at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. There she directed and facilitated the renowned Selfless Leadership Program (SLP) and recently designed and executed a mid-level manager program that received astounding return on investment results.. She has served as a radio host, a podcaster, an educator, a group fitness instructor and performance coach.

Professionally, Dr. White specializes in crafting relationally resilient, emotionally intelligent, and result-driven leaders. She continues to serve as a private consultant and organizational culture advisor to top military leaders and their affiliates. She is passionate about building collaboration within highly complex teams, and inspiring leaders to break through hidden limitations.


Certifications & Degrees:

Dr. White received both her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. She specialized in the Integration of Spirituality and Psychology. Before that, she earned a master’s degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard University. She is a board-certified clinical psychologist and completed a medical fellowship at Madigan Army Medical Center in developmental pediatric psychology.

Dr. White currently roams the world, and permanently resides in the Pacific Northwest.