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“I believe we can be lonely, and we can be on our own. But I don’t believe we can ever be truly alone. It’s time for us to act on our noble awareness…. we are always connected.”


Upcoming Events

Mindful Men St Pete @ Grassroots Kava House 

Connecting men to their healthy, whole-hearted best selves + One another.  Experience the truth that Friendship is medicine. Learn how to coach, culitvate or collaborate using the guiding priniciple that diversity is the highest expression of community.  

Gather together every 1st Monday of the month to get to know your neighboors, share some of the best resources you’re using today, and sharpen your relational mindful tools. 

Mindful Men is co-lead by a rotating, high-powered co-ed crew of Unconventional Citizens, community figures, and emerging leaders.   


Mindful Men:

How others need you to lead in this season of uncertainty


Consider how many people you know right now that actively earn your trust, give you compassion and inspire hope in you on a consistent basis.  Although we live in a culture where many leaders’ visions outpace their real world behaviors. Many do not express all the Big 4 capacities needed to effectively lead.

Now more than ever before, we need leaders who can quickly respond to social, emotional and performance issues of their collective team. We see a lot of leadership programs specifically to empower women, but very few that are tailored for men.  Mindful Men is a rare program designed to help men promote, build & sustain mindful teams & communities, raise their awareness and tackle their biggest blindspot, and bring more energy, power & compassion to those they serve.

Program components offer a unique, confidential, highly individualized experience for male executives to get better at

  • Communicating in a way that engages and leads others
  • Reducing cognitive bias and superficial dynamics at work and in your personal relationships
  • Making choices on the spot that bring people together
  • Taking responsibility without burning-out
  • Inviting others to genuinely connect on a deeper level

It provides a strategic assessment, an innovative, dynamic group learning format, and tools that can be immediately implemented for quick, prosocial “wins.”


Telling Yourself The Truth 

Discerning your Conditioning from Your Conditions…and your Code

Come Celebrate with our conscious citizens the 2nd edition, and new and improved, release of THE LETTER CODE.  Together we are going to clarify what “compatibility” looks, feels and acts like. Intimacy in our contemporary culture isn’t as straight forward as we assume, wish it would be, or miss from previous eras. Quickly idenitfy and name your core needs in intimate relationships, and ways to cultivate your needs to be met, as well as pinpoint the major vulnerabilities you’ll encounter on the path for powerful partnership.

Community can’t be bought and it can’t be sold.

It can developed, sustained or drained.

“How are you part of the problem in your community?

“How are you part of the solution in your community?

How are you sustaining your community?


Community Webinar

Stop, Collaborate & Listen?

Leadership in a Season of Uncertainty

If leaders thought they were busy before, now the demands feel even more out of control. There is a lot of noise surrounding us these days. Before you run yourself and others into the ground, use this webinar as a refreshing breather to gain perspective, boost your energy, and enhance your capacity to truly listen.

Join us Wednesday March 25th at 3:15 pm EST

This 40 minute webinar will explore:

  • Why you speed up when you know you should slow down
  • How to sustain your energy & prevent burn out in others
  • Key questions the participants have or are being asked by others

Desired Audience: Any curious, conscious leader, talented staff member, or citizen devoted to community wellbeing.


Community Webinar

Responding to Reactivity:  Don’t Burn Out, Get Fired up.

Right now many of us feel vulnerable & confused and misguided.   We need to protect ourselves from mass anxiety and reactionary competition. We are likely to see a lot of people burn out, instead of fueled and ready to create the change we need right now. Learn how to keep yourself calm, sane & inspired. Help others do the same. Identify the 4 types of communication and which ones are helpful for when you or others are reacting or acting out. Prepare yourself for some internal and external conflict.

We must address the TRUE need of our communities right now.

Join us Friday March 20th 3:10 pm EST

This 40 minute webinar will explore:

  • The unintentional ways that we are reacting and/or acting out
  • The intentional ways we can spread responsibility, community engagement & wellbeing
  • Key questions leaders are currently are asking themselves and each other

Desired Audience: Any conscious individual, manager or leader, business owner, entrepreneur, health and wellbeing coach devoted to positive change.


Community Webinar

Drowning in Disappointment

How do you innoculate yourself and your team, your family—-and especially YOUR CHILDREN—from the sense of loss we all are experiencing right now? Cancelled plans, restrictions on interactions, and lots of “I’m sorry, but this can’t happen right now”

Join us Wednesday April 1st at 3:15 pm EST

This 40 minute webinar will explore:

  • How to handle sadness, disappointment and a sense of helplessness
  • What to say, do and not say or not do when others are in that moment, too
  • Key questions the participants have or are being asked by others

Desired Audience: Any curious, conscious leader, talented staff member, or citizen devoted to community wellbeing.


Community Webinar

Optimizing Wellbeing during Social Distancing

Now that you’ve got all the supplies you need, it’s time to turn your attention to maintaining your psychological, physical and social well being during this time of uncertainty. Learn simple ways to engage others in your local community as well as remotely. We will talk about structuring your schedule as a family, as well as a productive remote worker. You’ll walk away with three things you should do and a few you should not do, to support resilience during this time.

Join us Monday March 23rd at 1215 pm EST

This 40 minute webinar will explore:

  • The things you can do every day as a parent, worker and leader to sustain well-being
  • The things you should avoid doing that could impede social, physical or mental health
  • Key questions you are currently have or are being asked

Desired Audience: Any curious, conscious citizen devoted to community wellbeing.


Community Webinar

Remote Workforce Hacks

The transition from traditional work to remote work often is bumpy. Initial productivity drops, and poor time management escalates. Disengagement is probable without evidenced based guidance on how to structure expectations, define desired outcomes, and remain socially relevant.  In this season, the workforce at every level is at risk, or already burnt out. We can consciously reduce depersonalization, dampen emotional exhaustion and foster achievement with the right mindset and strategy.

We can sustain our connectivity and current level of performance remotely.

Join us Wednesday March 18th 12:15 pm EST

This 40 minute webinar will explore:

  • How to set up your mind, your environment and your professional interactions to promote engagement and productivity
  • What you can do to prevent burn out during these chaotic, and uncertain times
  • Key questions leaders are currently are asking themselves and each other about performance psychology of remote work

Desired Audience: Any person who has suddenly shifted to remote work, managers & leaders across all levels of an organization, business owners, entrepreneurs, health and wellbeing coaches.


Conscious Transitions Harness the power of change

June 18th
Time: 5:30pm

Anthem Coffee
University Place, Tacoma

Join leadership psychologist, organizational culture advisor & author Dr. Krystal White in a free seminar aimed to help catalyze resilience. Meet others in the Tacoma leadership community, learn to Navigate Change, and guide others with Sustained Energy and trust.

The Engaged and Empowered Leaders Symposium

September 5th to 7th

Bainbridge Island, WA

Designed for thought leaders, learning or organizational designers and entrepeuners, this tranformational conference will boost relational resilience, inspire followership and amplify conflict resolution skills. Learn to name and follow your passion and purpose, and develop strategies aligned with your most meaningful professional goals.

The Letter Code Reading & Workshops

Want to crack the code on your relationship? The Letter Code will help you understand why you engage and interact the way you do, why you are drawn to certain types of people, and how you can use this knowledge to strengthen your connection with your self and your partner, and ultimately, empower your relationship to reach new levels.

Macon, GA

Wednesday May 17


Bodega Brew


Bainbridge Island, WA

THURSDAY, July 11th

Eagle Harbor Book Co.

San Antonio, TX

Wednesday, March 29th


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