LEADERSHIP development • Workforce Engagement • Team Resolutions

“Genuine development has always been dangerous and uncomfortable. And it has always required a team. The next generation of powerful leaders will embrace the truth that everything is connected. ”

 Collaborative Transformation & Transition Programs for Organizations & Teams

Partner with me to create a culture where people leave work feeling energized & fulfilled.  Together, we can cultivate more collaboration and solution focused habits. You’ll notice less selfishness, blaming and mediocre effort.

 Leadership coaching for executives

Leaders inspire others to act even when they are not physically present.  Ready optimizes your capacity to achieve support for your leadership goals, to mobilize key talent to champion your vision, and to maintain your own energy.   Learn to cultivate deeply satisfied, inspired, service-oriented, and powerful partnerships. Running on fumes? Struggling to manage your health and personal goals? Get the support you need to be your best self and tackle that blindspot. Ready builds a mindset of abundance and behaviors of resilience that influence others to lead well.

A Remote Community of Mindful Business Owners, Managers & Organizational Leaders Devoted to Prosocial Growth

Trusting, deliberate and empowering connections are the most efficient catalysts for performance as a team. We may be limited in our knowledge, experience, and capacity, and we may get discouraged, cynical or stressed from time to time. Now is the time to join a group of people who actively manage their mindsets, who refuse to stay dismayed, who strive to inspire powerful social responsibility, and above all else—enjoy contributing to a community of compassion and courage. Summit is a remote, learning program that connects small groups of leaders across multiple industries. Together, we collectively spread disciplines and best practices that actively shape the well-being of the global workforce.