The Letter Code

“When we only see the surface of ourselves, we risk only loving the surface of others.”

Available February 12, 2019

The Letter Code: Deciphering Why You Love the Way You Love

A self help psychology book that will revolutionize our relationships

Want to crack the code on your relationship? The Letter Code will help you understand why you engage and interact the way you do, why you are drawn to certain types of people, and how you can use this knowledge to strengthen your connection with your self and your partner, and ultimately, empower your relationship to reach new levels. wonder how you can be so smart in so many areas, but just a fool when it comes to love? Our minds often lead us astray with false stories about what we want or should do when it comes to our most significant relationships. We often are distracted by the superficial relationship situation we are in, and we can’t see through to the truth of  why we are in it. This blindness can impede us from truly understanding our true needs and achieving a sense of fulfillment and balance in our relationships.

Using The Letter Code, it doesn’t take long to reveal what you need in order to have more energy, vitality and balance in love. The book provides a simple personality assessment, where readers quickly gain awareness of their primary needs from love.  The Shape of Four Letters (H, A, W, Y) visually represents four primary motivations that drive people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors in their romantic relationships. Each letter conveys a certain energy dynamic, essentially answering why and a partner reaches out, leans “toward” or “away from” their significant other.

The concept of the book is that if the reader can examine themselves and figure out their own primary truth (as opposed to getting distracted by their partner is doing) then they more effectively and genuinely connect. This will save energy and a sense of fulfillment. When both partners harness this awareness, it will increase the likelihood of compatibility and reduce conflict. The Letter Code ultimately helps each of us utilize self-awareness to achieve a love that serves our true hearts.

Audience includes both dating singles, serious partnerships and married couples.


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