“This is the time where we must choose to hear AND listen. Then we can filter out the message from the story.
What needs your attention?”

Conscious Questions to Move you Forward in Your Relationship

Women’s Health Interviewed me, and we ended up talking about key questions people should ask in a partnership. I know this works in love, but I ABSOLUTELY believe that every leader should ask the same 3 questions from their key partnerhsips as well. Do I know what I need (and share it with the other person)? Do I know what he needs (and ask about it consistently)? Are we both committed to connecting as a team? This article is about moving in…I wish I had this article in my “mind/heart” over the last 10 years. I read it now to inspire some conscious team dynamic building as well.

Breaking it Down with Frank MacKay

During the first week of my book release, I spoke with Frank Mackay. It was on Valentine’s Day, in a hotel room in New York City and the reality of my new life was VERY real. The interview was absolutely fast-paced, attention grabbing, and enjoyable. We talk about cultural male vs female beliefs in love, why love is so confusing these days

Voice Of America: Finding your Frequency

Ever wonder how you can be so smart in so many areas, but just a fool when it comes to love? Have you ever thought that maybe you’re just not cut out for a long-term relationship? Or do you need to better understand your current relationship? I speak with Ryan Treasure of  Finding Your Frequency  and we have a very candid, non-edited, taking the letter code test as we talk interview. 

The May Fair Hall

Ever watch a movie and thought “THAT is a new way of seeing things?!” That’s what I felt about A Star is Born. I named it my favorite movie of my last year of life (yes, I keep an annual list of things I love) and the song Shallow was my favorite song. Read the article here to learn more about Ys, one of the four letters from The Letter Code.  

Good Morning La La Land

Wonderful Time sitting on the couch with a team of conscious show hosts. In under six minutes, we shared some aha moments about love, The Executive Shaman, and raising the standards of connectivity.

Want to know a Secret Strength of High Performing Leaders? It may not be what you think it is!

Better Homes and Gardens

Feeling a bit lonely? Missing fun, understanding and warmth in your life? Better Homes and Gardens received some Executive Shaman guidance on developing friends as an adult.


Hopeless Romantic or Hopeful? Executive Shaman helps Bustle readers believe in connectivity and generate it in a way that works for them.

Elite Daily

Nothing hurts connectivity more than a loss of trust. Cheating is only one way (although it gets the most press!) we lose trust. Elite Daily readers learn how to consciously navigate their suspicions here.

Things I Wish I Knew

How do you connect with a significant other, or someone you want to build connectivity with? Executive Shaman provides support here to help you answer the question in a way that builds consciousness internally and trust externally

Hustle & Soul

Ever wonder how to get a sense of connection back? This article intends to steer you in the right direction.

Chaos, Courage and Coffee

Three of my favorite tools to harness positive change! Find out how to harness your beliefs about love and connectivity in a way that inspires and fuels you

There’s nothing better than meeting friends, or enjoying a treat and something warm at my favorite neighboorhood cafe in Germany.