“Dark moments often spark bright ideas. It’s time for us to be willing to look beyond the superficial. It’s time to explore further. It’s time to deeply listen.

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast. Here, Executive Shaman Dr. Krystal White and other Thought Leaders chat for 30-minute about all things related to transformational leadership.

Listen in to be entertained, educated and engaged by the real-life (often imperfect) application of leadership models, evidence-based research, and innovative ideas.

This is a time in human history that demands more of us. We need to bring more of our true selves into every aspect of our lives. In particular, our professions need our souls present.

We’re on a journey, and invite you along.

Episode 22: Emotionally Exhausted

We’ve all had days when we’ve left work exhausted. We still feel good, though, when we feel like our efforts are worthy, productive and beneficial. Too often, there’s just too much taking our energy and not enough inputs. Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, of StressFree MD, empowers the full health of her clients. Today we discuss why emotional exhaustion is so common in our professional experience these days and how to work in a way that fuels you.  

Episode 21: Behave Smarter

Self-awareness is the foundation of transformational leadership. It is the pre-requisite to learning new behaviors that are more helpful and goal-oriented. There are many concepts available to aid us to BEHAVE SMARTER. Michael Frisina and I chat about some “equations” and ideas that we utilize in our work.

Michael is a transformational leader whose mission it is “to make everything about other people become better at who they are, better at what they know, and better at what they do.”

Episode 20: Unleash Your Voice

Our integrity relies on our ability to listen. We’ve been so socialized to listen to others, that listening to our own “voice/gut/heart” requires practice. Developmental editor and publishing consultant Stephanie Gunning is a 34-year veteran of the mainstream publishing industry, often specializing in books on the topics of health, spirituality, personal growth, and new thought. She is my conscious sounding board for unleashing my voice into a wider audience, and we give concrete tools you can play with to unleash yours.

Watch her unleash mine as she interviews me about The Letter Code here:https://stephaniegunning.com/krystal-white-interview/ 

Episode 19: Conscious Expectation Management

Expectations. We all have them, and yet we often don’t explicitly identify and/or consciously question them. Very few of us concretely, explicitly and completely verbalize them with others. Shaun and Krystal discuss how to do just that. Shaun is the leader and host of The Love Drive. He believes that communication and emotional intimacy are essential to a more loving relationship with yourself and those around you.

Have you read and completed the work from your letter chapter in The Letter Code? Doing so will absolutely help you manifest awareness of your expectations.

Episode 18: How a W Works

Julie turns the tables on Krystal and queries her to describe life as a W. If you don’t know what that means, check out thelettercode.com. Krystal functions as a W professionally, not only romantically. Always pushing for growth benefits others, and has some trigger points. Learn more by following on Instagram

#howaWloves #thelettercode #theexecutiveshaman.


Episode 17: How to Follow Your Truth

Episode 17: How to Follow Your Truth

Following your truth almost always confronts our status quo. It involves an inner knowing that sometimes is hard to define, explain, and honor. THEN it requires choosing to act in ways that align, express and empower that truth. Jason spent nearly 15 years in corporate America to discover his why: “Each one of us can make a difference in one’s journey. No matter how small or big a difference, we all have the ability to inspire and support.” With accounting as a foundation, he uses numbers to inspire and support others. And believes that we all have the potential to do just that.

Episode 16: What’s Your Story?

Thought leaders transform their teams by transforming their stories—individually and communally. Your competitive advantage often involves being aware of, mastering and then choosing your story. Tune into to be inspired, challenged and guided to choose your narrative. Is your story serving or derailing you and your relationships?

*Archived episode From two years ago, from an un-released podcast called SLOW DOWN AND GROW Up*

Episode 15: “That isn’t Helpful!”

Episode 15: “That isn’t Helpful!”

We’ve all experienced a time where someone helped us and it caused us more stress. I myself have unconsciously “rescued” others in ways that made me feel better about myself, but didn’t lead to a boost in the other person’s growth or long-term well being. Social worker, entrepreneur and self-actualizing friend Stacey and I tackle this frequent occurrence and give tips on how to manage our “ego issues.” Stacey A. Lawrence is a hypnotherapist and healer who guides her clients to overcome obstacles which have gotten in the way of them living a whole and healthy life. Check out her new event venue too!

Episode 14: Conflict can Grow Us?

We can live from a state of learning, or operate from a place of certainty. One helps us grow, the other helps us be safe. Both have their functional utility. Yet conscious leaders, utilize transformational wisdom. This relies on a willingness to learn from differences. AKA: Conflict. Dr. Michael Broom, a power-house of an organizational cultural designer, provides guidance and insight as we ponder this topic. Tune in for a real-world description of how a recent conflict triggered me to be MORE committed to being right and what helps me commit to growth as soon as possible.

Episode 13: Reflection 101

One of the most fundamental disciplines of a peaceful, fulfilled life is frequent metacognition (thinking about your thinking) and metaemotion (feeling your feelings). Today, Anné and I CONVERSE regarding Reflection. We identify how the STRUCTURED discipline alters ways of processing and reacting to our experiences. We name some common pitfalls to implementing it as a habit and clarify some tips we use in coaching our clients. Anné M. Klint is a healer, coach, and self-compassion expert who leads powerful women on a grand adventure back to the center of their being.