“It’s time for us to be willing to look beyond the superficial. It’s time to explore further. It’s time to deeply listen.

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast. Here, Executive Shaman Dr. Krystal White and other Thought Leaders chat for 30-minute about all things related to transformational leadership.

Listen in to be entertained, educated and engaged by the real-life (often imperfect) application of leadership models, evidence-based research, and innovative ideas.

This is a time in human history that demands more of us. We need to bring more of our true selves into every aspect of our lives. In particular, our professions need our souls present.

We’re on a journey, and invite you along.

Episode 57: Stop Faking It

We’ve all faked something, at some point, in a relationship, social setting or work. Mostly, a lot of us have faked things to ourselves. Stacey and I aren’t talking about doing something you’re committed to but don’t really get/like at the beginning. We’re talking about the level of deception where we are out of alignment with our own inherent “truth.” Appearances are important only to the degree that they express yourself. Often we become so used to “this is how it is” or to how things look that we forget who we are, what we stand for, and what our bodies are telling us.

This discipline isn’t easy to adopt. You will upset others. And, it does TAKE ENERGY.  Yet, if you only committed to one discipline this entire year, this might be the one that produces the most benefit for your SOUL.

Stop faking yourself or others in the choices you make. Living the “truth as I know it” is the medicine our professions, families, teams and individual spirits need right now.

Episode 56: Start to Stand For Something

We can create wellness and growth in this season of a LOT OF CHAOS! Our thoughts are just as contagious as our germs are…and so are the beliefs of what we stand for. Where do you want to see change the most right now? What needs to be dismantled, re-modeled, or re-committed to?  We all will be reactive and stressed in the upcoming weeks. That’s ok. After we react, we can move toward honesty and integrity, ask for compassion and forgiveness, and step up for what we stand for.


There is more light here than we may see. Consciousness, kindness, service is being amplified. From this place, responsible action is more efficient. We are ready and capable to rise together—create the places, programs, politics, people and ways of being that are aligned with our own heartful, intentional visions. What do you stand for? Where can you learn to consciously stand for it? How can you help support innovators, unsung heroes, community leaders, and those with inspiring skills into positions of power?

My beautiful friend & editor, Steph Gunning, dialogue, go on diatribes and digest what we stand for.  The conversation in and of itself is healing.


Bonus Episode: Choosing to Slow Down…& (hopefully) Grow Up

 Social Distancing = the courage to slow down

We are a culture always on the go. Many of us have resisted slowness and being at home for a long time. The average person in the US commutes 26 mins each way to work each day. That comprises NINE full days each year. For myself, I’ve chosen mobility and multi-focus for the better part of the last decade. Those 5 am wake up calls to teach spin used to fuel me. I boasted in The Letter Code that I needed less than 6 hours a night to sleep. I have re-defined my resistance to rest in the past 18 months. This process has NOT been pretty, and it has prepared me for this current, temporary experience. What once made me adaptive and flexible NOW only inhibits my growth.

Without question, this is the time where we are being forced to slow down. Time. Take it. Will we fight against slowing down? Numb ourselves out on netflix, gaming, online shopping, youtube and news obsessions? Or mindfully, lovingly, use it to remember to tend to our “homes” —–our mind/bodies/spirits, our dwellings, our intimate relationships, our professions. This short podcast offers some guidance on what obstacles we are likely to encounter, and some encouragement to persist WITH PATIENCE the name of “upping” our collective growth.

Episode 55: Start to Take More Risks

The adult brain has a lot of built in systems to reduce and avoid risk taking. Our beautiful emotional systems go on high alert when we sense risk and activate our controlled logic system. Simply: our minds “talk us out of” risky behaviors. Our higher mind, however, understands that we get better results when we behave in “non-standard” (aka risky!) ways. Pauline and Krystal discuss how to influence others to take risks, innovate and motivate others to do the same. We suggest how to take result-driven risks at work and share a few personal commitments

Episode 54: Stop Trying to “Balance” it all

The myth that we can “achieve balance” leads to burn out, inauthentic posturing and perfectionist individualism. Leaders, especially senior and executive leaders, must stop passing along the message that staff need to “balance their work with their lives.” Given that many people willfully and happily devote their significant contribution to “work”, this message just doesn’t “add” up. Why don’t we make healthy organizations instead of forcing staff to “balance” it all? Setting priorities, honoring boundaries and asking for help must replace this over simplistic, and covertly dangerous, message.

Episode 53: Start Using Words Powerfully

On average, an adult uses over 7000 words a day. When is the last time someone said something to you at work and your attention peaked, your heart clapped or your body leaned forward? I’m sure you can easily think of a meeting where nothing one person shared was memorable. The discipline we’d like to focus more on this month is improving the competent and consistent use of language. Believe us, if you want your words to positively impact others, it  requires INTENTIONAL focus and practice. Jonathan Mills and Krystal provide some guidance on how to be a more confident and competent communicator. Our upcoming Mindful Men program (details to be announced soon!) will amplify the communication skills of leaders. Participants will gain a more powerful command of words for social impact.

Episode 52: Stop Gossip

Many of us like to interact and exchange. We like to give and receive. Information (typically in the form of words or images) is the main thing we exchange at work. Often, teams and individuals meet their needs for exchange in unhelpful ways through slander or gossip. Commander Maureen Farrell and Krystal discuss how leaders can increase their personal awareness of this tendency and also influence others to reduce these destructive tendencies.

SEASON TWO! Episode 51: Disciplines we need to Stop…and those we need to Start

We are in a season of great opportunity, and also uncertainty.  Most of us function out of survival, success or transformation. In the course of a single day, we move in and out of each state. We are defensive or overly appeasing, we work to earn recognition or stability, or we guide ourselves and others to grow. Season 2 is all about what ACTIONS you can do or avoid to operate from a growth mindset, lead limitless and shape the future of professional lifestyles. Each month, Krystal and her comrades offer you an episode guiding you to STOP a behavior and another guiding you to START one. We are aiming to get really practical on how you can lead the next generation to their more meaningful, progressive production. It’s time to tune in and speak out. Our tribe needs you.

Episode 50: (Only a Few) Lessons from Season 1

50 episodes in a year. While there are too many individuals to name here, each cohost contributed insight, heart, meaning and partnership to this work. Tune into hear a few highlights, lessons, and reflections from the first season of Season 1. Bekah (awesome ESP editor) you are the best. This unedited, sloppy and noisy episode simply magnifies how much of a positive impact you’ve made. I am deeply humble and more ready and willing than I ever was.

Episode 49: The Tricks of Transformation

Security and stability are essential needs, driving many beliefs, emotions and behaviors. We expect things to stay the same, and yet also live in a very uncertain world.  Change occurs naturally. Whether we want it, are ready for it, or understand it—things change. Transformation, however, requires insight, compassion and courage. It is the type of change where we genuinely progress, with absolute resolution. Most of us don’t do the latter, so we can’t fully do the former. Don and Krystal discuss some key tricks of personal and teams that compel us through the stages of transformation.