“Dark moments often spark bright ideas. It’s time for us to be willing to look beyond the superficial. It’s time to explore further. It’s time to deeply listen.

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast. Here, Executive Shaman Dr. Krystal White and other Thought Leaders chat for 30-minute about all things related to transformational leadership.

Listen in to be entertained, educated and engaged by the real-life (often imperfect) application of leadership models, evidence-based research, and innovative ideas.

This is a time in human history that demands more of us. We need to bring more of our true selves into every aspect of our lives. In particular, our professions need our souls present.

We’re on a journey, and invite you along.

Podcast 44: Signs of a High Performing Team

HIgh performing teams don’t happen naturally. Like gardening, they require the correct soil (culture) and the correct gardening (leadership). Sometimes they need good fertilization as well. Which is where consultation comes in.

Having a group of talented, successful individuals is not sufficient any longer to obtain clear goals, much less the complex ones modern organizations and teams tackle. High performing teams don’t happen naturally, and require both conscious investment, group training,  and a sustained “maintenance” schedule. Too often, executive leaders and chief leaders aren’t adequately prepared, genuinely aware, or properly resourced to perform together as a team. Michael and Krystal continue the conversation from podcast #44, pointing out conceptual and behavioral signs of a high performing team.


Episode 43: Leading with Your Best Brain

Most of us are committed to being our best selves, right? What percentage of the last month were we that version of ourselves? How good do we feel day in and day out? In the last decade, prominent evidence has emerged indicating that our brains operate in different “states.” A useful simplification of the findings: your brain is  either trying to “survive” or trying to “grow.”  Michael and Krystal explain their models. Michael teaches how the high performance state is highly evolved and maximizes conscious perceiving, thinking, feeling, and relating. Discover what these states look like, and how to shift into your best brain, and lead others to do the same.

Podcast 42: Promoting the Next Level of Diversity

We all SAY we want diversity, but many of us don’t know HOW to engender it. And MOST of us aren’t willing to examine how our (real) biases, proclivity to conform, and self-interests show up in day to day life. We have biological, social and psychological impulses to see ourselves as “good” and to keep things manageable. AND: we want to experience true synergy and innovative collaboration. Today, Krystal and Royce go beyond external issues of diversity and discuss diversity of our minds—one outcome compassionate thought leaders tend to embrace.

Episode 41: What type of followers do you lead?

High performing leaders are conscious followers. COL Newland and Krystal discuss a simple model to understand how much support leaders provide when giving a task/project/order. It sets clear and energy saving expectations for the leader to be aware of what the follower needs. And it provides a clear developmental pathway that aims for more confidence, independence and competence for the relationship and not just the individuals involved.

Episode 40: Asking Good Questions

Here at the Executive Shaman we are devoted to asking deliberate, change-driven questions. We often ask clients more questions than expected, inspiring their own insight and empowerment. The questions others ask of us can either shut us down, making us feel defensive and protective, or open us up, making us curious and engaged. They are one of the most valuable tools a leader can manage, master and muster. Bekah has been in the audio/podcasting industry for 7 years and hosts her own podcast called http://www.queerdos.com/Queerdos.

She and Krystal discuss what makes a good question and how to develop this skill in ourselves.

Episode 39: How to Inspire your Followers

Inspired followers are the force behind fulfilling, effective and self-sustaining results. And yet, the skill of inspiring others is perhaps the most elusive to develop.  Leaders naturally struggle to learn this skill, or re-employ it in new cultures, new organizational seasons, or in new working relationships. COL Drew and Krystal discuss some foundational behaviors that are necessary for authentically inspiring others. Leaders who learn, ask for help with honing, and who consciously use this skill shape a culture that values diversity. It’s rare, and it does happen. Tune in and learn where to start.


Episode 38: Leading the Millenial Culture

Millenials are a force to be reckoned with. Most thought leaders have asked about, studied about, or received support about successfully integrating millenials as engaged employees into their organization. Jonathan and I discuss how to listen to them, empower them and leverage their global strengths.  This discussion is about diversity. Genuinely honoring and practicing it. And the leaders and teams who train in it will likely out perform those who don’t.
*some blunt language

Episode 37: Collaboration, Compromise & Competition

True Collaboration is not doing something together. It is both a shared mindset  and a shared behavior. It requires both deliberate definition and a strategic training plan to be achieved. It takes practice and often external support to help teams create cultures where the collective need out prioritizes individual needs. The conversation with Aaron, from The Yes Works, equips leaders to collaborate, compete or compromise more consciously.

Episode 36: Put your money where your (Heart) is

This is a podcast for adults who are financially secure, and yet continue to have thoughts, emotions and feelings about “money” that aren’t helpful (maybe 80% of us???). Although we know that the most rewarding things about life can’t be bought, we still often equate “success” with how much “we earn.” Anne and I are called to move beyond seeing money as a mere transaction, or a validated stamp of worthiness. Our convo today will help you gain insight and some simple techniques that can transform how you “use” money (and not let it use you!).


Episode 35: Enhancing Personal Courage

What was the last thing that you did that required personal courage in a professional setting? Research shows that more than HALF of managers feel uncomfortable in their role. It’s not the discomfort that creates leadership failures, it’s the lack of personal courage employed either consequetively or in a key moment. Eric and Krystal’s conversation today provides insight and guidance on how to lead others to demonstrate personal courage.