“Dark moments often spark bright ideas. It’s time for us to be willing to look beyond the superficial. It’s time to explore further. It’s time to deeply listen.

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast

Welcome to The Executive Shaman Podcast. Here, Executive Shaman Dr. Krystal White and other Thought Leaders chat for 30-minute about all things related to transformational leadership.

Listen in to be entertained, educated and engaged by the real-life (often imperfect) application of leadership models, evidence-based research, and innovative ideas.

This is a time in human history that demands more of us. We need to bring more of our true selves into every aspect of our lives. In particular, our professions need our souls present.

We’re on a journey, and invite you along.

Episode 30: Strategic Management Development

Organizations that function well set professional development goals for their managers. This is a strategic way to achieve greater productivity and quantifiable results. Organizations that THRIVE have managers that help their employees ACHIEVE professional development goals for themselves. Adam and I review the framework he uses to inspire growth in those he leads. Those that work for and around him quickly move from being a “manager” to being a “leader” because he helps them get the real-life SKILLs to be ready for that role. 

Episode 29: Polarity

Two ends of a spectrum. Ying and Yang. These forces are known as POLARITY, and we all express them.

We all want balance. The easiest way to achieve it is to quickly assess your own polarity. Then you can implement supportive realtionships, daily routines and frequent habits to motivate you to adopt a more balance way. Intuitive coach Amiel and I light-heartedly discuss three main areas where polarity shows up in people and offer guidance in the pursuit of balance.

Episode 28: Conscious Use of Self

You can develop someone by giving them new skills, habits and disciplines. Or you develop somone by giving them new insights and responsibilities. I tend to work first by giving people more awareness into who they are, increase their capacity to lead (aka take responsibility) and THEN give them how-to-skills. This top down approach, called Conscious Use of Self, is a thought-leadership method to organizational success. Today Dr. Michael Broom and I discuss real world applicability and why we adopt it’s tenants in our own lives.


Episode 27: Three Reactions to Chaos

All of us experience moments of uncertainty, stress, and chaos. Most of us have a season that are characteristically “chaotic.” If you’re a leader where you are faced with “dramas on the daily” developing skills to RESPOND in the moment that leads to growth rather than survival. Today we discuss the 3 reactions to chaos, and provide 3 key ways to start learning responsive habits. 

Episode 26: How a H Works

If you read the book or take The Letter Code test, you’ll learn why you love the way you love. Most of also want to love our work, and Hs are no different. Hs want to be self-reliant, independent thinkers and also fundamentally connected to the mission of their profession. Tune in today to discuss how they balance needs for natural self-stability with needs for contribution. And Tune into Episode 2 (Ys) and 18 (Ws)for more insights. You’ll definitely discover yourself or colleagues in some of the descriptions!

Episode 24: Passion isn’t pretty

It’s contagious. Following your passion. And it isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Figuring it out doesn’t often happen in a light-bulb moment, and often it requires support from others along the way. Entreprenuer Jeff Bradford of Beer Wine and Spirits and I converse about the sacrifice and pleasure passion entails. And encourage you to live out yours in how you lead your life.
From 20 years in the US Army to traveling around the world learning working with brewers, wine makers, distillers, and telling their stories, Jeff follows his passion.

Episode 23: Culture Change is a Little Like Parenting

Culture is a direct result of a leader’s capacity to inspire others to adopt values, standards, aspirations. And yes, it takes time to shift, and it requires intentional use of your energy, talent and support system. Today, Daniella Youngand I discuss how changing organizational culture is quite similar to lessons learned while parenting. Daniella is an organizational advisor who provides leaders with the strategies to build great culture. On this episode, we give you a few tools to use to do just that with your family, team, or corporate culture.

Episode 22: Emotionally Exhausted

We’ve all had days when we’ve left work exhausted. We still feel good, though, when we feel like our efforts are worthy, productive and beneficial. Too often, there’s just too much taking our energy and not enough inputs. Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, of StressFree MD, empowers the full health of her clients. Today we discuss why emotional exhaustion is so common in our professional experience these days and how to work in a way that fuels you.  

Episode 21: Behave Smarter

Self-awareness is the foundation of transformational leadership. It is the pre-requisite to learning new behaviors that are more helpful and goal-oriented. There are many concepts available to aid us to BEHAVE SMARTER. Michael Frisina and I chat about some “equations” and ideas that we utilize in our work.

Michael is a transformational leader whose mission it is “to make everything about other people become better at who they are, better at what they know, and better at what they do.”