Visionary Leadership in a Season of Uncertainty

Nice guys don’t need to finish last. They need to re-define the race.

Join us to transform work from the inside out.





Do you know how to attend, attune and appreciate the right people, at the right time?

Do you really understand the impact you have on the lives of others?

Are you secretly tolerating mediocrity somewhere in your life?

Do you compel and inspire others to be more engaged, kind and committed?

Do you earn a living primarily by using your mind? But your success also relies on trusting relationships with others?




Welcome to Mindful Men. I’m Krystal and I guide considerate, conscientious fellows like you expand their influence–so you can make the world a better place to live and work in!.   Learn how to connect with others, honor your desires and truth, and achieve your goals, without resorting to competitive, sell your soul maneuvers.

I know you want to lead in a way that shows that nice guys don’t have to finish last, but also that strong ones don’t have to be first.

You can love what you really do for a living without it costing you your wealth, health and relationships.

Make no mistake about it—this is the BEST time to build your brand as a mindful male leader. And…yet our current professional climate is hard to predict, overly sensitive and easily TOXIC.  I ALWAYS partner with other mindful male coaches, leaders, servants, and community members to deliver a range of high quality, professional and transformational services. The communities of the future will easily embody shared power between men and women, as well as the masculine and feminine energies inherent in each person.

Mindful Men co-lead by a co-ed team ensures a highly diverse, power-packed, team-based approach to developing you into a influential, modern male leader, community member and servant.


Everywhere you turn, you see guys who are disengaged or jerks or know-it-alls or doormats.

and…you notice that you don’t want to be one of them.


You sense that the more you hang around this crowd, the more you forget who you really are, what you’re really here to do, and what the world really needs.

 What you need to know:

  • I know MANY guys like you!  You are not the only one “out there.”
  • You’re right where you need to be.
  • I’m here to help you get real about your biggest blind-spots, get ready to connect with others in a collaborative (not compromising) way, and get noticeable results in your capacity to influence others.

Mindful Men is THE  catalyst you need to lead better.

Transition from operational frustration to spiritual freedom.

In an uncertain age where burn-out is the norm, and our social structures are facing one crisis after another, we need YOU to take the future back into your own hands.

The world needs new, or re-newed, leaders.

We want to create a way of leading that does not demand that we sacrifice our integrity, our balance, or our wellbeinG.



Schedule a call with us to find out if Mindful Men is right for you, or you’re interested in bringing it to your organization


Gain access to the Courage, Clarity, Compassion and Community

That is critical for you to become one of the few  mindful men who will lead the next generation.


Many men these days actively put their own well-being and development on the back burner.  Rebel against that status quo. Refuse to wear your exhaustion and dissatisfaction like a medal of honor.

Let’s be real, very few trainings change our real world behaviors. We may know a lot, but we don’t practically use what we learn. Give us JUST 6 sessions, a few days, or a few hours. Invest in yourself; we guarantee that what ever component Mindful Men that you choose, you will be a different guy at the end of it.  We  promise to inspire and equip you to define your vision, fire up your spirit and help you free the minds of those around you.

OUR STANDARD: You will be a more mindful, compassionate & compelling leader after you finish a Mindful Men program. Those around you will notice these results.


WE LAUNCH A Free Mindful men Monthly Circle mid-Febrary 2023, In St Pete, FL.

Mindful Men includes 3 inter-connected components. Choose one, two or all three.

We know you’re thinking of someone else that NEEDS this program RIGHT now. We need you to spread the news that we’re looking for someone just like him.


Dive deep with a wholistic, truthful, no BS 360% leadership assessment. This is a level of insight that you have never experienced before. You’ll use this newfound awareness to develop a leadership philosophy that represents who you are, and what role you want to play as a leader. You will walk away with a written report that depicts how you behave under normal, optimal and stressful conditions. And, a newly developed leadership philosophy that honors your truth and your vision.


Join a remote community with a curated cohort of no more than 12 men. Over the course of 6 sessions, you’ll learn to build a high-impact learning environment that promotes truth, trust, and growth. You’ll receive  insight, disciplined practice, feedback, and support (all designed to increase your mental agility and relational capital…so you can promote community wherever you are). This remote learning aims to give you the practical skills in the Big Four Leader Capacities we need right now.


Take a seat in our Immersion Workshop, a 2-day powerhouse event with over 18-hours of experiential, dynamic, participant driven training. Identify your automatic, hard to self-observe tendencies—those awesome and unhelpful habits that make or break your power. Attune to the psychological needs and the emotional reactions of others. Train your brain and your body to perform in higher-functioning states. This time is designed to increase your capacity to tap into your intuition, communicate your truth and lead others in challenging circumstances


We are looking for men that want to lead others to consciously respond to the demands of uncertain and stressful working conditions.

If you haven’t already noticed, that time is NOW.

We don’t shy away from hard cases. If you’ve got a dude that works with or for you (or you work for him) and you’re thinking “HE could use this,” then by all means, send him our way.  We will take him. Just be prepared for him to use some of the skills he’s learned on you!

You’re probably thinking of someone else that NEEDS Mindful Men right now. We need you to spread the news that we’re looking for someone just like him.

The Real Deal: The Real Deal combines quantitative and qualitative methods to give you a comprehensive, valid reflection of how you show up for and impact those around you. It involves over 6 high-impact hours of self-evaluation, peer/supervisor/subordinate/partner feedback and an integrative report. You’ll complete a quick online evaluation that provides you with an easy to understand analysis of your behavior across stressful, normal and optimal circumstances. Then, you’ll compare that to what your people have to say about you. Imagine three key people being interviewed about you…by a Harvard & Seminary educated psychologist who is experienced in military leadership. Yep. Things just got real.  Your respondents will feel comfortable and empowered to provide anonymous, truthful, unbiased and helpful responses to how they really perceive you.  You will be guided step-by-step to align the feedback from The Real Deal with a new vision true to you. The result is for you to develop a leadership philosophy that powerfully serves others and honors yourself.


TOTAL PROGRAM COST = $1500 Valued at $2000


The Big 4: This Remote Mindful Men learning group is designed to impart the top 4 essential leader capacities needed right now.

  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Compassion
  • Inspiration

In a small group of no more than 12 men, we create a community that learns and lives these capacities. It doesn’t takes years of training or coaching to  increase your ability to express all four capacities. It does take high-quality community, and a willingness to unlearn habits that impede your capacity to connect with others.

Gain functional insight into your automatic ways of handling mistakes and slip-ups, uncertainty, vulnerability, and disapproval. Learn ways to harness diversity to serve a common purpose. Improve your ability to powerfully communicate in a way that inspires, not only disperses information.

COST = $1500 Valued at $2500




This is your chance to learn how to lead in a way that people are asking for, demanding for, right now.

In just 6 sessions, you will walk away with a plan on how to sustain these capacities in yourself, practical insight for how to promote them in others & a renewed sense of inspiration that you are in control of the future.

The Arena: This in person Mindful Immersion workshop takes the Big Four to the next level. Taken from the famous Theodore Roosevelt quote, It’s like your insight & connectivity have been infused with a shot of steroids. Train your brain and body to be powerfully in service to your team’s collective goals.  The Arena creates an embodied learning environment that accelerates your capacity to respond to uncertainty and ability to lead others in challenging situations.  Guaranteed to leave you feeling more powerful and confident in the art of making collaborative choices. You will get practical, no BS life-time awareness about your trigger points, how to respond quickly to triggers in order to improve your performance and reduce conflict, and your unique style of communicating for impact. 

DATES: TBD (expected early Summer 2023)


COST = $1500 Valued at $2500


Once we sell out of the dozen seats, there will be NO MORE AVAILABLE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.




Meet your Mindful Men Team


Dr. Krystal White

Dr. Krystal White is a leadership psychologist who bridges the gap between reality and goals, reactions and responses, freedom and security. She is a consultant for high-performing teams, a transition & development expert, a motivational speaker, and an author.

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