Visionary Leadership in a Toxic Culture

Don’t succumb to social convention. Discover the science, the spirituality and the concrete strategies to meet the needs of those around you, without it costing  you your soul. 




Insight that is quick and accessible.

Feedback that is effective and compelling.

Prosocial and practical plans.

A community of like-minded successful male leaders.

The Big 4 Capacities

People EXPECT leaders to express all 4 capacities. And yet very few men actually do. How do you do all 4 when you have no role-models, get confusing and conflicting advice, and lack a genuine support system?  

The Big 4 teaches men how to manifest the most desired capacities of our time. Learn to be a man who understands what others really need, communicates with prosocial impact, and inspires collective resiliency.

 Think Mindfully. Feel Connected. Act courageous.



When we conduct our sessions will be determined by the times best suited to the group members. We will practice a collaborative dynamic. A one week registration window will open on May 14th, 2020. The first session will occur sometime in the first week of June 2020. 

Each session will give you insight into how these capacities are strengthened or weakened, and practical ways to use them in your real life.

Session 1: Building Community among mindful men
Session 2: Earning Trust during chaotic, cynical seasons
Session 3: Achieving Stability when everything is unpredictable and in flux
Session 4: Enabling Compassion in an era focused on reactivity and the self
Session 5: Fostering Inspiration & Hope for a skeptical and cynical culture
Session 6: Transforming Ideas into tangible movements & progressive results.

6 bi-monthly, 90 minute sessions.  15 minutes of reading/reflection in between each session. You commit to attending the first session. That’s it.

For this initial cohort: $1500 ($1300 for the first 4 that complete registration).

A Value of over $2500.

You commit to sharing ONE key practical discipline you’ve taken away with another man in your community. We need you to spread practical ways men can effectively connect in our modern times.


What you take away with you:
Confidence in your compassion. A competitive advantage in your social relationships.  Community with other conscious men. Plus highly individualized, clear & concise recommendations from the Executive Shaman herself to enhance your social impact.  

without costing you an arm and a leg, requiring you to overly process your emotions, and over-committing to a multi-step change plan. 


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