Unconventional Citizenship Cabinet Circle

Practice being your powerful, authentic self & leading others to do the same.  

No More than 12 Seats

No Less than 12 Sessions

A Dynamic, Enriching & Eye-Opening Think-Tank Experience designed for you to  

Get Great at Being You


Building Citizens, Too


Practice the Elements of an Unconventional Citizen…

I Dare You. 

The Nitty Gritty


How the process works*

Only 12 spots are available for this cohort style membership.

Once all spots are filled, the only way to get into the cohort is when someone leaves, completes more than 100 hours in workshops + coaching, or changes to a different membership.

Transition is considered to be the primary intention of the catalyst program.

Enrollment for a seat is ongoing.  Seats are filled on a first come, first served basis. Any open seats will be announced in the Unconventional Citizens online community.

Cabinet didactic learning sessions will take place 1-2x a month. Each session is <59 minutes. They will be streamed and recorded live. Each month, we explore and practice a specific area, called United. Listed below are the units currently planned for the next 4 months. These unites may change to be more relevant to cabinet members specific concerns, whims & opportunities.

Cabinet peer coaching & hands-on learning groups are 1x a quarter. Each is <120 minutes. They are not recorded due to the personal nature of the sessions. They rotate in time to accommodate multiple time zone members. 😊 Most will occur around mid-day and early afternoon eastern standard time.

All schedules for these sessions will be posted to the cabinet-only area on the social platform & emailed to cabinet members at least two weeks in advance.

When you choose not to attend the live sessions, you can still interact powerful way. Trust that the design will enfold you personally into the group even if you don’t show up. You will feel connected even when you’re taking space or otherwise engaged.  

Maybe that’s part of the new social system we’re laying the foundation for?

Attend or watch the lectures, try out the exercises, ask for support, and bring your insights, lessons and ideas to our group sessions & Cabinet space on our online community. All members of Unconventional Citizens must register as a member within this community. Unconventional Citizenship requires visibility, contribution & conscious engagement. I know signing up for ONE MORE THING requires energy & is an investment. You decide if that works for you, right now.

When you join the Unconventional Citizens Cabinet, we’ll immediately send you amazing, high-powered, own-your-truth vibes!  You should automatically receive a welcome email with access logistics. You will see all scheduled cabinet sessions on the exclusive page just for our group. Soon after, I’ll send you a pre-program cabinet exercise, and an electronic copy of Check In (my last, quite conventional book). We take pride in quality handiwork, and endeavor to connect directly to each participant.  Please allow 48 hours for a personalized welcome letter & any requests or replies.

(updated autumn 2021)

Sample of our Cabinet’s Curriculum

Unit 1: Social Psyche
Ego Vs Essence, Us Vs Them, Unity Vs Separation, Desire vs Duty, Overhauling/Renovating social agreements
Unit 2: Conformity & Status Quo
Personal desire vs Social pressure, instinct & intuition, cognitive biases, collective consciousness
Unit 3: Relational Resiliency
Upgrading social interactions, dealing with social masks & imposter syndrome, emotional adaptability (reducing reaction formation), healing intimacy ignorance & over-helping & re-defining our social networks
Unit 4: Stop Sitting on the Sidelines
Fulfilling your unique role in the current epoch shift, responding to & preparing for personal/community conflicts, expecting BIG social movements, owning your social responsibilities & the emergence of next generation leadership