“Understand People Like A Psychologist. Communicate With Them Like A Leader.”

Krystal J. White, Check In



A Highly Dynamic, Transformational Coaching Program Curated to Each Individual

Your needs, goals and challenges determine what we work on and the guidance I give. I never use ready made programs or curriculum. You will get a one of a kind, un-repeatable experience that is sustainable for the rest of your life.  Some ideas:   
  • Learn How to Inspire and Influence Others
  • Be People-Oriented without Spreading Yourself Too Thin
  • Discover and Deal With Your Biggest Issue, Fear and Frustration Before Regret Sets In For Good
  • Mindfully Transition Into the Next Phase of Your Career
  • Raise Your Emotional Intelligence, and Those You Lead
  • Effectively Communicate To Change Minds and Behaviors, Particularly in High-Stress Situations

READY is a high impact, always individualized and remote leadership development program. It is guaranteed to aimed to boost your mental agility, your relational resilience, your social capital, and emotional intelligence.

After working together, you won’t look at life the same way again.

Ready develops long-lasting skills to help you think more clearly, feel more energy, and act more courageously….in ways that have a positive impact on the lives of others.

What will you walk away with?

  • You’ll understand your own needs, and the needs of others, more clearly and compassionately.
  • You’ll enhance your ability to tune into your feelings, and skillfully use them at the right time, in the right way, during interactions with others.
  • You’ll manage your ego better, and have more energy at the end of the day, project, quarter. 
  • You’ll learn concrete disciplines that prevent burn-out, unnecessary drama, and playing the role of the jerk, rescuer or doormat. 
  • You’ll learn to identify, and respond to, what truly blocks the positive connectivity in a key partnership, significant relationship, or across the team(s) you lead.
  • You’ll learn how to help to help others improve their well-being, engagement and commitment to prosocial causes. 

Discover your real truth.

Deal with your real blindspots.

Deepen your real partnerships.

Deliver on your real purpose.

Choose the package that you are ready for.


From Focusing on Problems to Fostering Innovative Solutions
Is a conflict draining you of energy? Are you unsure of or wanting to be ahead of the game regarding an upcoming transition? Did you receive negative feedback that came out of the blue? Or do you feel that a blindspot is holding you back? 

Resolution will Resolve a specific issue that is occupying a lot of your thoughts and attention.

Quickly understand your hidden strengths and weaknesses, develop a new internal framework, and use this clarity to solve your problem at a practical level.

What’s Included:

  • Four one-hour development sessions
  • Action plans with key milestone check-ins
  • Copy of The Letter Code or Krystal’s New Book “Check In”


From Challenge to Opportunity. 
Are you ready and primed to learn how to influence others to get along, work more efficiently and act more prosocially? Do you want to leverage differences and disputes to create more commitment and buy-in?

Revolution will increase your relational resilience, and expand your influence. Learn to identify and express your emotions when necessary, and manage them when they aren’t useful. Amplify your ability to communicate for inspiration and not just exchange information. 

Quickly begin to implement habits that fuel you AND inspire others. 


What’s Included:

  • Six one-hour coaching sessions
  • Leadership Personality Assessment + Interpretation
  • Three Interviews with Key Staff to determine blindspots and target high-impact behaviors
  • Four Leadership Development Workbooks
  • Action plan with key milestone check ins
  • Copy of The Letter Code or Krystal’s New Book “Check In” 

EVOLUTION 8 Sessions

Feeling Limited to Leading Limitless
Ready to master your mindset, emotional reactions, energy levels and strategic actions? Is part of your purpose to inspire, motivate and help others?

Evolution will clear old patterns that impede your full potential and introduce new dynamics that support your authentic growth. You’ll utilize newfound levels to help others prosper.

Evolution is designed to provide steady, systemic, planned change for those who are truly dedicated to developing others.

Learn how to let go of habits that impede your enjoyment, energy, growth, and positive connectivity with others both in the office and at home.

What’s Included:

  • Six one-hour development sessions
  • Three Interviews with 3 key relationships you have,  to discover blindspots and targeted behavioral goals (The Real Deal)
  • Leadership Personality Assessment + Interpretation
  • Six personal reflection and action plan activities
  • Action plan with key milestone check ins
  • Copy of The Letter Code or Krystal’s New Book “Check In” 

“This work gave me the tools to lead with a growth-mindset. I now understand, and act, using the enormous power of being intentional, self-aware, and interpersonally connected.”

Richard Kynion, M.D. Colonel

Chief Medical Officer, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

READY coaching programs all include unlimited support via email, text, and phone (up to 10 minutes).

Are you ready?