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“We stand for redefining community. We will no longer share space without really knowing one another, without really understanding ourselves, and without feeling empowered by the connectivity”


How Summits Work:

Summits are developmental

Change almost always requires more than “knowing” something new. Most of us know things that we’ve never put into use. We need support and time between sessions to practice putting this knowledge into action. Summits are designed to be between 2-5 sessions to foster personal mastery.



We believe that high-impact learning promotes team learning & is attuned to “systems thinking.” Summits are a collaboration between participants and the facilitators. They spark engagement and constantly check in with what the team most needs. Learners will get to know others who are committed to personal, organizational and community development. Although the concepts are structured, where WE take the material relies on US. That’s why Summits are limited to only 7-10 participants. WHEN they occur based on the time that best suits the group.  Once each Summit has 7 registered learners, we will schedule the sessions together. 


Summits are Unique

Presence fuels our shared results. The learning is dynamic and often catalyzed by unplanned for, or unexpected insights. We won’t record the sessions (Summits) for mass consumption or later use. How you use them practically in your actions, in your “real” life, is intended to be highly diverse and unique as well. We actively embrace non-conformity.



What happens or is shared in Summit stays in Summit. You agree to honor the highest degree of confidentiality for others. You agree to not share or reproduce any story, experience or material outside of the group without prior consent. Also, you gotta “be” there to benefit from Summit, and be a benefit for the others in the group. We need you to show up and willing to share your questions, wisdom and triumphs and lessons. Finally, Summits WILL stretch you. Part of their magic is that they create a collective “liminal” space. Participants are willing to be real with one another. You commit to being the real you as much as possible.


Summits are situational, and won’t be occurring all the time. If they do, the content will most likely change, to best serve the current needs of our communities. The prices NOW are heavily discounted. Seize your chance now and let us know if you want to take a seat. To register, simply email us, letting us know what Summit you are committed to. We expect to schedule them to start around the 2nd week of April.


Harnessing the power of the unseen & unexpected 

Despite being very diverse, more than 98% of people share a few things in common:

  • Although we try to live healthy, prepare consciously, and be a kind and thoughtful person, we still get stuck.
  • We have some part of us we feel we can’t truly see or resolve on our own.
  • We sense there’s something uniquely cool we have yet to do.

In this Summit, you’ll gain insight into the blindspots that keep most people stuck. Many are GIFTS and TALENTS that have never been seen before. Together, we will explore one of your possible blind spots. You’ll get clear guidance on how you can use it to benefit yourself and others.  Learn what disciplines we as individuals, our relationships, and spaces can do to promote true self-understanding and foster self- improvement.  Imagine what our lives would be like if 98% of people could effectively do just that?

This is Summit is 2 Sessions, 75 Minutes each

  • Understand 4 types of blind-spots & why we have them
  • Identify a personal blindspot, and clarify what you can do about it
  • Take actions to help others be more self-aware
  • Commit to an action or discipline that fosters peace and growth in situations that are uncertain or unpredictable.


COST = $120

A value of $500


The Brain Science and the Spirituality of Making Choices

Adults make more than 35000 choices a day:  How much time, money, energy to spend? & Is this bad or good for us?&  What should I do about how I feel, how others feel; what I did or they did? Increased awareness, mindfulness, and yoga help us navigate the maze of decisions. Still—we just feel unsure about which way to go.  This workshop integrates neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and spirituality to equip you with the individual, real world guidance YOU need to feel capable, grounded, and inspired the next time you wonder “what should I do?”

This is Summit is 3 Sessions, 90 Minutes each

  • Understand the neuroscience driving decision making, and how to hack your brain for decisions that bring you peace
  • Tap into your body and/or your intuition to inform your truth and what you really desire
  • Identify one strategy you can use to help you decide next time you are stuck in indecision
  • Gain insight into when to persevere after you decide, and when to change your choice!


This is the time to learn who we are, what truth we stand for and what role we want to play in the transformation of our communities.

Consider this: When our leaders, our organizations & our businesses don’t actively consider their responses to these questions, we are giving power over to the other interests that do. 

COST = $80

A value of $400


How to Serve others without Losing your own Power

Time and time again, we are told  “not to care what anyone else thinks.” Yet, in an age of individualism, many of us seek genuine community. We want to serve and contribute to others without over-extending or dismissing ourselves.  We habitually worry about other people’s welfare, work beyond our own wellbeing, and carry other people’s energy/drama/responsibility. Men and Women equally give their power away to others. Even if we pretend we don’t care, the habit of proving ourselves or winning approval is evident throughout our culture.  In this fun, entertaining and relatable workshop, we learn the common ways people lose their “power.” We will gain insight into how we can be both compassionate with others and sustain our own power.

This is Summit is 3 Sessions, 60 Minutes each

  • Learn how to foster compassion in others, experience it between Summit members.
  • Improve your Understanding of “power” as a psychological, spiritual and physical force.
  • Identify the key ways you automatically defend, exchange and lose your power.
  • Gain insight into how you can care for others while protecting your power.


COST = $100

A value of $600

“This hurts me more than it hurts you”

Mastering Conflict to Deepen Community

Most of the time, conflict catches us off-guard. There we were, having a good/ok/tolerable experience, when all of a sudden some one is angry/anxious/sad with something we did/didn’t do/did the wrong way.  In this Summit, you’ll discover more about your conflict triggers and reactions. You’ll find out what you need to let go of and decide on what you will choose to fight for.   Together, we will share & practice conflict techniques that the experts across leadership, psychology, policy & spirituality utilize.  Walk away with disciplines we as individuals, our relationships, and spaces can do to master conflict…learning from it versus disengaging from it. Imagine what our lives would be like if 98% of people efficiently did just that?

This is Summit is 3 Sessions, 90 Minutes each

  • Understand 3 general sources of EVERY conflict.
  • Clarify your individual, specific key conflict triggers as well as your typical reactions.
  • Learn when you should let it go, fight for it, or attempt to find a common solution when there is a clear conflict.
  • Receive three easy to implement methods you can practice without requiring the other person to agree with you.


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