When something works for you, when it feels good and aligned with your goals and values, you need to name it, claim it and sustain it.

Name It. Claim It. Sustain It.  When people hire coaches, or consultants, our work is to help you and your team do all three. Whether it is training your body, your mind, your relationships or developing a strategic plan, you need all three to get results.

One of the key disciplines in my life that I have named, claimed and sustained is Check In. I not only tell people about the process (name it), I reap benefits when I do the process (claim it), and I do the process often (sustain it). All disciplines require these three components, and believe me, each of them are catalyzed when we collectively invest in the work together.

For this special episode Becky and I talk about why we need to consciously start checking in.Becky said it the best in this episode: Check In “gives you open window into someone.” Take it from TWO psychologists, Check In helps you understand people better. If you introduce and follow the guidelines, it offers a unique space to reflect on key questions and hear key responses. Are you willing to build a conscious community, a high performing team, and move the needle forward regarding social engagement? If so, Check In is an essential tool for you to master right now.

Becky Porter, PhD, is President and CEO, Military Child Education Coalition, and is a former Commander for Public Health Command Europe. She is devoted to compassionate thought leadership.

We recorded this podcast at the end of February, 2020, pre COVID 19 and before the current uprising regarding social justice.  I was in the middle of the book and was honored to hear her thoughts then. Listening to them now,  I am even MORE  committed to this conversational routine.


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