Tell the Truth, Hear the Truth

We live in a culture dominate by divided attention and half-hearted expression. Genuinely sharing ourselves is a social challenge, and listening deeply is a rare occurrence.

If we are going to build more engaged, prosocial and fair living conditions, groups must find a way to come together in a way that honors individual diversity, and builds shared cohesion at the same time.

By mastering a single routine, you can efficiently build group cohesion without enforcing dogmatic conformity. This simple technique enables you to start conversations, gatherings, and meetings consciously and to train others to speak openly and listen deeply—without it taking too much effort or time.  

Using the step-by-step guidelines in this book, you’ll easily improve your ability to stimulate personal insight, emotional intelligence, and engagement in yourself and others.

Included are 52 diverse questions to generate connectivity.

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