We’ve all faked something, at some point, in a relationship, social setting or work. Mostly, a lot of us have faked things to ourselves. Stacey and I aren’t talking about doing something you’re committed to but don’t really get/like at the beginning. We’re talking about the level of deception where we are out of alignment with our own inherent “truth.” Appearances are important only to the degree that they express yourself. Often we become so used to “this is how it is” or to how things look that we forget who we are, what we stand for, and what our bodies are telling us.

This discipline isn’t easy to adopt. You will upset others. And, it does TAKE ENERGY.  Yet, if you only committed to one discipline this entire year, this might be the one that produces the most benefit for your SOUL.

Stop faking yourself or others in the choices you make. Living the “truth as I know it” is the medicine our professions, families, teams and individual spirits need right now.