Why Check In


Learn To Lead a Transformational Check In!



Why this way of Check In works!

We want you to actually use Check In.

We understand how easy it is to not do activities that you know are beneficial for you. Our normal routines are difficult to shift, and we need more support to sustain something than we do to start something. The Executive Shaman team created a challenge integrating expertise in learning, psychology, transitions & change, and social dynamics.

The goal of the current challenge, is to introduce the tool with confidence & clarity. It gives you the necessary support for responding to the awkwardness most people feel when starting to do Check Ins.

Like people, the Check In Challenge is dynamic. Meaning, we have the right to, and will change the Check In Challenge. Sign up to receive the Executive Shaman’s Check In newsletter to stay aware of when new ones are available.

We are committed to helping you consistently improve.

Who is willing to begin?

“Check In is an amazing tool!
It has a powerful way of pulling everyone’s attention into the meeting and sets the stage for meaningful work.

— Becky Porter, PhD, President and CEO, Military Child Education Coalition

”When Dr. White first introduced me to Check In, I wasn’t a fan. It was far outside the norm for military culture. With more exposure, I realized how it helped me better connect with teammates and set the tone for meetings and engagements.
Although ‘Check In’ does not fit for every situation, it is a great tool when used in the right setting at the right time.”

— Vic Laragione, Command Sergeant Major, Madigan Army Medical Center



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