Krystal J. White, PhD

The Executive Shaman

Dr. White is a leadership psychologist committed to giving people the mental, social and spiritual tools necessary to empower prosocial progress. She optimizes the mental agility, emotional intelligence, and behavioral performance of individuals and teams. Dr. White designs and delivers high-impact training that get groups to think more freely, care more openly, and serve more selflessly. She currently specializes in guiding men and male dominated communities, to build mindful, fulfilling, and collaborative relationships.

Dr. White served as Chief of the Workforce Engagement Office, psychologist and developmental health consultant for the Department of Defense in the European theater for over a decade. She has a PhD in clinical psychology and completed a medical fellowship at Madigan Army Medical Center in developmental pediatric psychology. She holds a Master’s of Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Master’s in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University.

In addition to being an author, Krystal is a podcast host, a motivational speaker, a community developer, an educator, a group fitness instructor, cognitive performance coach and a friend.

Her consultation business and podcast, The Executive Shaman, enhances the prosocial, collaborative behaviors of everyday, powerful people.

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