Social Distancing = the courage to slow down

We are a culture always on the go. Many of us have resisted slowness and being at home for a long time. The average person in the US commutes 26 mins each way to work each day. That comprises NINE full days each year. For myself, I’ve chosen mobility and multi-focus for the better part of the last decade. Those 5 am wake up calls to teach spin used to fuel me. I boasted in The Letter Code that I needed less than 6 hours a night to sleep. I have re-defined my resistance to rest in the past 18 months. This process has NOT been pretty, and it has prepared me for this current, temporary experience. What once made me adaptive and flexible NOW only inhibits my growth.

Without question, this is the time where we are being forced to slow down. Time. Take it. Will we fight against slowing down? Numb ourselves out on netflix, gaming, online shopping, youtube and news obsessions? Or mindfully, lovingly, use it to remember to tend to our “homes” —–our mind/bodies/spirits, our dwellings, our intimate relationships, our professions. This short podcast offers some guidance on what obstacles we are likely to encounter, and some encouragement to persist WITH PATIENCE the name of “upping” our collective growth.