Change is always possible. The kind of change that is built to last occurs with an internal transistion of some sort. A new identity, a new belief state, a new mental frame, a new you. Think of all the ways you’ve transitioned from one version of yourself, to another…and think of all the ways that you haven’t. We all know people who say they are “done” or have “moved on” but haven’t truly disengaged with a previous season of their life. (Wasn’t there an entire movie about a 40 year old virgin?). The cost of not internally transitioning is high….especially when it comes to relationships. I know that I have held onto versions of myself far past their expiration date just to keep someone, or a group of people, comfortable.

What is something that youre transitioning away from right now? What prevents you from back sliding?

Listen in to Amiel and I chat about this amazing season where change moves from “possible” to “IMPERATIVE.”  Amiel Landor is a trained intuitive, teacher of spiritual concepts, and a global traveler….You’re going to be engaged and have an “aha!” moment listening in. Discover more about her here.”