We can create wellness and growth in this season of a LOT OF CHAOS! Our thoughts are just as contagious as our germs are…and so are the beliefs of what we stand for. Where do you want to see change the most right now? What needs to be dismantled, re-modeled, or re-committed to?  We all will be reactive and stressed in the upcoming weeks. That’s ok. After we react, we can move toward honesty and integrity, ask for compassion and forgiveness, and step up for what we stand for.


There is more light here than we may see. Consciousness, kindness, service is being amplified. From this place, responsible action is more efficient. We are ready and capable to rise together—create the places, programs, politics, people and ways of being that are aligned with our own heartful, intentional visions. What do you stand for? Where can you learn to consciously stand for it? How can you help support innovators, unsung heroes, community leaders, and those with inspiring skills into positions of power?

My beautiful friend & editor, Steph Gunning, dialogue, go on diatribes and digest what we stand for.  The conversation in and of itself is healing.